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Dear [name],
No offense or anything, but a friend who cares would like you to know that you have a body odor problem. Please don't be offended - lots of people suffer from body odor and are unaware of it! We're human and sometimes we stink, but there's plenty you can do to address your problem:

  1. Bathe daily. Use a mild soap everywhere - every nook and cranny, paying particular attention to your armpits and private parts.
  2. Wear deodorant. Every day. Every grocery store, pharmacy and convenience store carry deodorant and it is reasonably inexpensive. If you sweat a lot, choose an antiperspirant.
  3. Do NOT try to mask your odor with cologne. You'll just stink even more.
  4. Do your laundry regularly. Dirty clothes stink!
  5. If you already do all of the above and still have a body odor problem, you may have a condition called "hyperhidrosis," or excessive sweating. See your doctor.
  6. Visit for more information on combatting this embarrassing problem.


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