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How many times have you heard that disclaimer preceding a comment that might actually embarrass the recipient? Perhaps you've used it yourself. Well, you no longer have to find yourself in that sort of uncomfortable situation ... provides delicately worded, information-packed advice in anonymous email messages you can send to the stinkiest people in your life. And best of all, this service is free!

Do you have a friend, coworker or other acquaintance with a body odor problem, bad breath, stinky clothes or horrendous dandruff? If so, then you know how difficult it can be to broach the embarrassing subject without discomfort for both you and your friend. That's where we can help ... just submit the perpetrator's email address and she'll send off a delicately worded e-mail letting them know of their "issues" as well as some helpful solutions. You never have to share your name and your friend will never know it came from you!
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